EV charging stations in Bulgaria and where to find them in 2024!

Charging network overview

Bulgaria’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is still under development and expansion. The government has plans for a wide rollout that would shift the focus and concentration of the charging stations from only some major cities like Sofia, Burgas, and Varna where EV charging stations are most available to the whole country. While the overall number of charging stations is still behind most more developed markets, the Bulgarian government is actively working to improve the situation and address the range anxiety for potential users of EVs.

A recent memorandum of cooperation from the government of Bulgaria aims to install 10,000 charging stations nationwide by 2027 which is not that far ahead. Various types of chargers are going to be placed strategically along major routes for long-distance travelling and urban areas.

How to find the stations

Well, if you had an electric vehicle and you found out that you were running out of battery, how would you find a charging station? The answer is obvious, you probably would go on the internet and search for “EV chargers near me” or something similar, and in less than a second google will show you hundreds of thousands of results.

But how trustworthy and up-to-date are the results?

From what I have seen so far, the results are not that trustworthy, you might see a charging point near your house but see that it is not registered on any of the platforms or websites that Google shows you.

However, there are some platforms and websites that might not be very accurate, but they are better than others, here is a list of them:

A map of EV chargers in Bulgaria


These platforms basically provide the users with the same amount of information such as locations, directions, plug types, and power of the charger. However, they vary a lot in their user experience and user interface. Some of them are really hard to navigate, some and are easy to use. You can check them out and see which ones you like to use.

One point about these platforms is that most of them are international platforms that are working worldwide, so if you notice some of them are not as accurate as they should be, keep in mind that in Bulgaria, where EV usage is just getting up the ground, it is a bit difficult to get accurate data, but that is no excuse, they should do their best to provide the users with legitimate and comprehensive information.

Soon we will also analyze all these platforms in more depth, stay tuned for more details and news about EV chargers in Bulgaria.

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