Energy Storage Systems

Graphene Energy Storage Systems

Graphene Power Battery is a product of NEXTEN that uses graphene supercapacitors to store and deliver energy for various purposes. Graphene supercapacitors are devices that derive their remarkable electrostatic energy storage capacity from the extraordinary properties of graphene. Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, which has a large surface area and excellent electrical conductivity. These features enable supercapacitors to achieve high capacitance values, which means they can store a big amount of energy.

Graphene Power Battery can be used for a diverse range of applications, such as Telco BTS, Mega MW, Marine, Residential, Solar/Wind, and Forklift/Machinery. Graphene supercapacitors have many advantages over traditional batteries, such as long cycle life, rapid charging and discharging, environmental benefits, wide temperature range, and safety. They can endure more than 20.000 1C rate (1 hour) charge/discharge cycles, charge and discharge rapidly, do not contain hazardous materials, operate efficiently over a broad temperature range, and do not pose a risk of thermal runaway or explosion.


Residential and EV Charger

This battery system is designed for household use with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. It allows for the storage of 6-14kW of renewable or grid energy, enabling users to utilize stored energy during high-tariff hours and as a backup during power outages. The system supports various communication protocols and is compatible with standard inverters and chargers, offering long cycle life and reduced maintenance costs.

Additionally, a stackable power bank option, suitable for residential or light commercial use, offers flexibility in configuration from 6kWh to 60kWh and features a simple connection to inverters with a compact and flexible design.

Solar/Wind Storage

This system integrates solar and wind power with graphene battery technology, an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), and a bidirectional DC converter (BDC). It efficiently manages charge and discharge voltages to mitigate issues in parallel-connected battery packs, while also enabling smart peak shifting and off-peak power consumption to save on initial investment and increase returns. It’s versatile, serving for power backup in off-grid, micro-grid, and self-consumption setups.


Introducing the MEGA ESS, ranging from 500kWh to 2MWh, tailored for industry and commercial energy storage needs. This all-inclusive solution integrates everything from the battery system, BMS, PCS, EMS, transformer, connection cables, busbars, lightning and grounding systems, to monitoring and alarm systems, all within a single cabinet. Offering scalable system voltage and capacity, it provides versatile and comprehensive energy storage solutions at megawatt levels.


leveraging supercapacitor batteries with significantly higher energy density, ideal for material handling equipment like forklifts, mobile robots, and industrial applications. Key features include supercapacitor cells ensuring outstanding cycle life and virtually maintenance-free operation, perfect for fast-charging scenarios. With CAN bus communication and a comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS) ensuring asset protection, Forkess boasts laser-welded cells and rugged construction for durability. Its plug-and-play charging system minimizes downtime, optimizing operational efficiency.

Mobile App

Real-time Monitoring

Keep track of your home’s energy generation, storage, and consumption in real-time.

Cost reduction

The APP is the management system to create a cost-efficient electricity in house system and create cost reduction for the customer.


Receive insights into your household energy consumption patterns, helping you make informed decisions to enhance efficiency.

Time configuration

Specify the time of charging/discharging in comfortable time and profitable tariff.

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