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NEXTEN EV Charging Solutions

NEXTEN specializes in producing high-end charging stations for electric vehicles, offering a wide range of capacities from 22 to 500 kW and supporting various plug types such as Type 1, Type 2, CHAdeMO, CCS, and GB/T. These stations enable rapid battery charging, achieving an 80% charge in just 20-40 minutes, making them suitable for installation in diverse locations including car parks, shopping centers, office complexes, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, and highway service stations. 

These charging stations boast several advantages, including the use of European components, the flexibility to quickly increase station power, support for OCPP integration with back-office systems, and individual protection for each controller with fault detection circuitry and alarm signaling. Additionally, they come equipped with optional payment terminals and feature built-in protection systems for uninterrupted operation, including automatic short circuit and overload protection, current leakage control, dust and splash protection (IP 54), anti-vandal housing, reinforced cables and charging plugs, and resistance to temperature fluctuations ranging from -35°C to +55°C. Furthermore, these stations offer remote-controlled operation and software updates for enhanced convenience and reliability.

NEXTEN Solutions

Time Saving

With its fast charging capability, NEXTEN's charging stations are designed to optimize efficiency and minimize waiting times. Constant power output at different voltages and temperatures ensures rapid charging in various scenarios, making them ideal for busy environments where time is of the essence.

High Safety

Safety is paramount with NEXTEN's charging stations, offering dual protection for both manual operation and vehicles. With features such as automatic short circuit protection, overload protection, and current leakage control, users can trust in the reliability and security of these charging solutions, providing peace of mind in any charging environment.

Power Saving

NEXTEN's charging stations boast high conversion efficiency and low standby power consumption, contributing to significant energy savings. Their constant power output at different voltage levels ensures efficient charging while reducing operational costs and environmental impact, making them a sustainable choice for businesses and individuals alike.


Introducing our line of EV chargers designed with simplicity, reliability, and user satisfaction in mind. Our range of chargers boasts a host of features that prioritize ease of use and consistent performance across the board. With standardized charging outlet types, including CCS2+CHAdeMO (optional) with a generous 5-meter cable length, users can enjoy hassle-free charging experiences. 

The intuitive 10.1-inch color Touch Screen interface ensures straightforward operation, while the option for RFID card/POS payment modes adds convenience. Built to meet common input characteristics such as a 400VAC±10% voltage and 50Hz frequency, these chargers are compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles. 

Safety is paramount, with IP54 protection grade and certifications like CE and CB, providing peace of mind to users. Whether indoors or outdoors, our chargers perform reliably within an operating temperature range of -30°C to +50°C or -30°C to +55°C, with noise levels below 65dB ensuring minimal disruption. Experience the reliability, convenience, and quality assurance of our EV chargers, designed to meet the needs of modern electric vehicle owners.

DC Fast

  • Rated Power: 60kW.
  • Dimensions: 880 mm x 500 mm x 1880 mm.
  • Current: CCS2: 125A max., CHAdeMO: 80A max.
  • Power: CCS2: 50 kW max., CHAdeMO: 40 kW max.
  • Installation: Ground.


  • Rated Power: 120kW / 150kW / 160kW.
  • Dimensions: 850 mm x 450 mm x 2000 mm.
  • Current: CCS2: 240A max., CHAdeMO: 125A max.
  • Power: CCS2: 120kW max., CHAdeMO: 62.5kW max.
  • Energy Meter: MID.


  • Rated Power: 180kW / 240kW.
  • Dimensions: 850 mm x 880 mm x 2000 mm.
  • Current: CCS2: 240kW 150A max., CHAdeMO: 125A max.
  • Power: CCS2: 240kW max., CHAdeMO: 96.25A max.
  • Energy Metering Method: Embedded.


  • Rated Power: 320kW / 400kW.
  • Dimensions: 850 mm x 1180 mm x 2100 mm.
  • Current: CCS2: 350A MAX, CHAdeMO: 125A MAX.
  • Power: CCS2: 320 kW max., CHAdeMO: 62.5 kW max.
  • Energy Meter: Main body integrated/European standard.

High Output

  • Rated Power: 360kW / 480kW.
  • Model: NXT 3605 / NXT 4805.
  • Cooling Method: Forced air cooling.
  • Network Type: Ethernet/4G.

  • Dimensions: Host Machine:
    1200mm x 900mm x 1950mm;
    Terminal: 1100mm x 300mm x 150mm (Size for single and
    double plug-in) /
    Host Machine: 2100mm x 1900mm x 1208mm;
    Terminal: 1459mm x 200mm x 1150mm (Size same for single and double plug-in).

  • Weight: Host
    Machine: 550kg;
    Terminal: 1100kg (double plug), 80kg (single plug) /
    Host Machine: 900kg;
    Terminal: 1100kg (double plugs), 80kg (single plug).

  • Rated Input Current: 552A / 773A.
  • Output Voltage Error: ≤±0.5%.

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