About Us

our goal is to popularize
a sustainable lifestyle!

Get to know us!

Where Are We

We are a startup located in Varna, Bulgaria with two offices where growth and environment enthusiasts can gather around.

What We Do

We are trying to help people have a positive impact on the environment and benefit the planet with their lifestyle.

What We Sell

We provide our customers with sustainable and green products, made for those who care about their impact on the environment.

Our Ultimate Goals!

Lower Emissions

By replacing fuel powered cars with efficient Electric Vehicles we want to help the efforts to lower the total emissions.

Higher Efficiency

We want to reduce as much wasted energy as we can in a cost efficient way and whatever we do is in this direction.

Healthier Planet

By using sustainable products and services, we are helping our planet become more suitable for the upcoming generations.

To get more information about our services and products!

“DIJENU in Bottega BG” Ltd.

Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 17.00
Saturday, Sunday: Closed

ul. “Petko Staynov” 1, 9009 Varna, Bulgaria.

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+359 877 000 527


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